Saturday, 21 May 2016

Full mouth dental implants for SEVERE GUM DISEASE AND Fixed provisional teeth in 3 days

Patient  complains  of  inability  to  chew food  properly  due  to  generalized   mobility  of  teeth  and missing  upper posterior  teeth on  both sides .

Clinical  view  of  upper  right  posterior  edentulous  area  

Clinical  view  of  the  upper  left  posterior  edentulous  area  

Bilateral  edentulous  upper  posterior  region – occlusal  view

Single piece  immediate  loading  BCS  implants  were  placed  by  flapless  approach  within 10  minutes  . The upper anterior mobile teeth were extracted subsequently

  Upper provisional  acrylic bridge  was  given in 3 days

      Occlusal  view  of  the  acrylic  provisional  bridge 

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