Saturday, 21 May 2016

Veneers and dental implants for a patient from UK in chennai,INDIA

Patient wants to change the unaesthetic appearance of her front teeth during smiling . She has been wearing tooth coloured veneers in her 6 front teeth for past 10 years which eventually got stained & gave an unpleasant appearance . Patient asked for New  veneers for the same .

        Clinical  View of the Patient`s  upper & lower jaw shows generalized stains giving rise to an   all-over unaesthetic look .

The Lower Front Teeth were also severly stained & weakened due to severe gum disease . We suggested removal of the weakened teeth & replacement with Immediate Loading Dental Implants . 

 We also suggested  Replacement of missing upper & lower back teeth with Single Piece Immediate Loading KOS Implants 

First , we proceeded with placement of the single piece implants . The  weakened Lower front teeth were removed under local anaesthesia  . 

                                     3 Single Piece Bicortical implants were placed

3 Days following the implant procedure  shows good healing around the implant placement site  . 

                     Permanent & aesthetic Zirconium bridge was placed on the 4 th day

  Similarly ,  Single Piece dental implants were also placed for upper & lower back teeth 


On the 4th day , permanent zirconium crowns were fixed  

 The Old Ceramic Veneers were removed & new impression made for new Veneers 
New Veneers were fixed which restored patient`s smile  into more aesthetic one . 
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