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Basal Implants Vs Zygomatic implants

If you have been told that there is less bone in your upper jaw for dental implants, do not worry. The best solution for cases with severe bone resorption in upper jaw is Basal implant. Basal implants are replacing zygomatic implants as the best solution for patients requiring dental implants for upper jaw. Such patients were going for sinus lift or bone grafts as per old techniques. In a single procedure we place Basal implant and place the permanent crown in 3 days. As we use single piece implants the procedure is flapless and done under local anaesthesia.

                               BASAL IMPLANTS                                          ZYGOMA IMPLANT


Zygomatic Implant
Type of implants
Single piece Implants is used. No screw loosening and no crestal bone loss.
Screw based implants used. Screw loosening is a problem
No cantilevers placed
Molars if given are placed as cantilevers, which decrease the life of the bridge and cause screw loosening on the implant.
No contraindications
Symptom free and pathologically free sinus
Relative risk of failure
Since sinus is not involved, no risk of sinusitis
Risk of sinus infection
Permanent bridge
Permanent ceramic bridge on 3rd day of implant placement, as the implant engages hard cortical bone.
Acrylic/plastic for first 4 months. Then cantilever permanent ceramic bridge given after 4 months.
CT scan
Not needed.
Compulsorily needed
Surgical guide
Not needed
Compulsorily needed
Local anaesthesia with or without sedation
General anaesthesia
Cost of implant
Being regular sized single piece implant it is relatively cheap.
Zygomatic implants are very long manufactured specifically for the purpose, hence very expensive. Cost of the technique is more as CT scan and surgical guide is used.
No of implants for  full upper jaw
6-8 for upper jaw.
8 -10 for upper jaw
No of teeth
14 teeth are given. Teeth replaced till second molar
10 teeth or 12 teeth given. 2nd molar is not given.
No of trips
One trip, as permanent ceramic crown or bridge is placed in 3 days
Two trips. Permanent teeth fixed after 3 months of implant placement.
Lifetime warranty on implant
No warranty

When the patient requires fixed teeth on dental implants in upper jaw, then the options are:

Cantilever bridges: For example in All-on-4 or All-on-6 techniques, implants are placed in anterior regions only and as such 1st molar crowns are placed as cantilevers and 2nd molars are not replaced at all. Sometimes only 10 teeth are placed. Another disadvantage of cantilevers is that the permanent ceramic bridges are fixed after 3-6 months.

Basal implants are implants located even when bone is less in upper jaw. They allow the prosthetic rehabilitation on dental implants in upper jaw. The applied forces go to the pterygomaxillar buttress area allowing immediate loading of the implants.

  • Eliminates the need of sinus grafting.
  • No cantilevers from front teeth or implants
  • Efficient chewing is possible as teeth upto second molars are replaced. In cantilevers and zygomatic implant cases or in all-on -4 and all – on – 6 techniques 2nd molars are not replaced. If replaced then they are made as cantilevers which make the last implant weak and the bridge susceptible to fracture in the long run.
  • Bone in pterygoid area is cortical in nature, and hence very strong and rigid allowing Immediate loading with permanent crown in 3 days.
  • Single piece implants are used which are strong in comparision to conventional dental implants
  • All patients who want dental implants in upper jaw are good candidates as bone is always available in pterygoid area.
  • Flapless technique is used, as such patients have no swelling or bleeding and patients need not stop blood thinners, if they are taking any.
  • Lifetime warranty given as strong single piece implants are being used in strong cortical bone.
  • 100% success rate. life time warranty

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