Saturday, 21 May 2016

Full mouth dental extraction and implant placement with fixed teeth in 72 hours

Patient  complains of missing upper front teeth and is not happy with the looks/health of his teeth in general . He wished to go for a complete smile makeover of all his teeth .
The teeth are affected multiple periodontal abscess and pockets..


Front  view  of the patient`s  dentition 

we suggested to go for complete extraction of teeth in upper & lower arches and placement of single piece immediate loading bicortical implants in the same visit . 

Simultaneous removal of teeth in the upper arch & implant placement 

Total  extraction & implant placement done in upper arch  

Similarly , all teeth in lower jaw were removed & bicortical implants were placed . 

Provisional acrylic bridge fixed on 3 rd day


Patient`s  pleasing smile after completion 

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