Saturday, 21 May 2016

Retained milk teeth in lower jaw removed and new teeth fixed with dental implants

Patient complains of  inability to smile confidently due to missing upper front teeth which was lost in an accident . He also complained of presence of small sized  teeth in his lower jaw that did not give a good appearance either during speech . He was looking for an immediate smile correction .

Patients right upper front teeth had broken down and developed infection  in the accident & we suggested to go for a Rootcanal therapy and a minor surgery  for the same . 

Occlusal mirror view of the upper arch 

Mirror view of the lower arch showing small sized teeth 

Single piece Immediate loading BCS implant was placed in a flapless approach to replace the missing  upper front tooth 

The smaller sized teeth in the lower jaw  were removed 

2 BCS implants were placed into the area were the teeth were removed 

Rootcanal therapy & minor root surgery was performed and stitches were placed . Next day after the procedure shows uneventful healing around the implant site . 

Provisional  Crowns were placed the next day after the procedure which shall be in place until healing is complete . Permanent & aesthetic Ceramic crowns can be placed after complete healing 

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