Thursday, 19 January 2017

Failed Tooth supported bridge replaced in upper and lower jaw with single piece implant

A 48 years female patient came to our clinic with complaints of difficulty in chewing because of missing teeth and food lodgement and mal odour in the bridges for the past 5 years.We advised removal of tooth supported bridge and replacement of missing teeth with basal implants and provisional teeth.Advised to replace permanent crown after 6 months.

Preoperative frontal view shows tooth supported bridge

                                  Upper jaw shows missing teeth and  tooth supported bridge

                                    Lower jaw shows missing teeth and  tooth supported bridge

  Healing of Basal implant in frontal view 

                                        Upper  occlusal  view showing healing  of  implants

                                               Lower  occlusal view showing  healing of implants

                                            Provisional  bridge fixed in upper and lower jaw

                                                           Preoperative  OPG

                                            Postoperative OPG after implant placement

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