Thursday, 19 January 2017

Esthetic restoration for full mouth with single piece implants in INDIA

A 62 years old male patient came to our clinic with complaints of mobile teeth ,bleeding in the gums ,pus discharge and malodour of all the teeth in upper and lower jaw for the past 5 years.

                               Preoperative frontal view showing gum recession and pus discharge                                           

                                                   Upper  occlusal preoperative  view

                                                     Lower  occlusal  preoperative view

                                                   Preoperative unesthetic smile

                                      Immediate extraction and implant placement done


                                                 Healing  of  implants in upper jaw

                                               Healing  of  implants  in  lower  jaw

                                             Provisional bridge fixed in upper and lower jaw

                                                        Post operative esthetic smile

                                                          Preoperative OPG

                                                            Postoperative OPG


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