Friday, 5 August 2016

Dental Implants for Shaking teeth

  Dental Implants for Shaking teeth

Patient  complains that her lower teeth are completely shaky and finds it difficult while having food . She requires an immediate solution for the same .

     Left side view of the patient`s upper & lower arches

  Right side view of the patient `s upper & lower arches

Grade 3  mobile lower anteriors were extracted and  immediate loading single piece BCS implants were placed in the same visit 

Likewise , single piece  BCS implant  placement  done in the lower  right  side  retaining the natural teeth for guidance after which it can be removed .

 Similarly , Immediate loading  implant  placement  done  in the left  upper & lower  back teeth region  in the same visit  .

The lower arch after total extraction and implant placement  shows  good healing 

Wax try –in  of the teeth set up  seen for  lower metal acrylic denture

          Lower metal acrylic denture after fabrication

                            Lingual view of the denture

Lower  denture  insertion done . 
 Permanent ceramic bridge  can  be given after complete  healing.

                         Occlusal  view  of the denture

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