Friday, 5 August 2016

Dental Implants For Aesthetic Correction in Chennai.

Given below is the case study of a patient who has met with an accident and lost his upper front teeth. He was unable to smile confidently and wanted to regain his lost smile. The various treatment procedures used to regain his teeth and smile is shown in pictorial form.

Clinical View of the lost front teeth region

  Full mouth OPG of the patient

He was advised to place 3 BCS implants in the front teeth region followed by acrylic provisional crowns for a period of 3 months until complete healing .

Acrylic provisional bridge was placed for 3 months for healing


 3 Months after healing is completed .

After 3-4 months , the provisional bridge was removed  & permanent impression. 
A semi-trial was seen for zirconium aesthetic bridge.

  Palatal view of the bridge

Zirconium bridge fixed after final finishing & fixing

Patient got back his lost smile & confidence

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