Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Upper Lateral incisor extraction and immediate BCS implant placement -Before after xray

Patient came with "fractured root " of  his upper lateral incisor front tooth..presenting a esthetic emergency..
In this situation , BCS IMPLANTS are highly successfull in immediate loading..
After extraction of the root stump, BCS implant of dimenstion 3.5 x 20 mm was placed through the socket.
A acrylic provisional crown given in one hour..

                               Pre treatment IOPA
                           Findings..- failed root canal treatment
                                           -Fractured root
                                           -Evidence of infection aroudn the root apex..seen as dark shadow

IOPA Xray after implant placement
showing BCS IMPLANT engaged in the NASAL CORTICAL BONE..
for good primary stability and long term success
This cortical bone engagement is necessary for IMMEDIATE LOADING..

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