Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Basal implants for Upper central incisor

Replacing Upper central incisor becomes necessary in the following situations..
    1.Severe decay leading to loss of tooth structure till below the gum line
    2.Failed root canal treatment
   3.Avulsion -displacement of the incisor due to accidents
    4.Severe periapical infection/cyst around the root end of the incisor
   5.Gum disease leading to mobility of the incisor

Replacing a central incisor is important mainly for the reason of AESTHETICS..
Dental implants help patients/doctors to replace central incisors in a way similar to nature..
Dental implants act as a artificial root for the new tooth..and they integrate with the natural bone...and they are biocompatable.
The following patient lost his central incisor in a Sports accident...3 months back.He came for replacement of his central incisor with basal dental implant..
A basal implant of dimension 3.5 x 18mm has been  placed by FLAPLESS technique ..and a ZIRCONIUM CROWN GIVEN WITHIN 4 DAYS...


                           Pre treatment Dental xray showing lost central incisor

Post implantation xray showing Basal Implant engaging the nasal cortical bone , which is essential for long term success.

Healing of dental implant after few months..showing good bone remodeling around the neck of implant.
This basal implants are resistant to infection ..because of  2 reasons
 -thin neck 
-smooth polished surface of the neck

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