Saturday, 14 May 2016

No more sinus lift/No more bone grafts! Advanced basal implants for a patient from Singapore

This is the xray of a denta tourist from singapore, where he was advised for DIRECT SINUS LIFT WITH ARTIFICIAL BONE GRAFT ON THE UPPER MAXILLA.
Patient looked for alternatives to get dental implants with fixed teeth ..but without sinus lift and bone augmentation .
He found about basal dental implants..By using basal implants in the maxilla ..the advantages are
  -Avoidance of a open surgery for sinus lift
 -Avoid bone grafts and the associated complication of bone grafts
 -Avoid the extra cost of bone grafts and the cost of sinus lift
  -Avoid the waiting period for the healing of bone grafts
  -Get fixed teeth immeditely
  - Save 50 to 60 percent of the cost quoted for sinus lift and bone grafts
We placed short basal implants in the sinus region and the implants are immediately loaded..He needed few implants on other sites also..

                                            Implants in the distal maxilla

                                                        AFTER ZIRCONIUM BRIDGE CEMENTATION
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Click here to know about fixed teeth in 3 days concept by basal implants
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