Sunday, 15 May 2016

Basal dental implants in INDIA -Dental implant tourism

Basal implants are called "BASAL" because of the fact they get their "anchorage" and support from the basal part of the jaw bones.
This the the reason,that the basal dental implants can be immediately loaded..i.e the teeth can be fixed immediately without waiting period of months.
There are basically two types of bone in our jaws.

    1.Alveolar bone

This bone is that which surrounds the tooth root .That which supports the root.
This bone is susceptibile to resorption and loss by infection and gum disease.
CONVENTIONAL two piece implants take support from the this alveolar bone.
This bone is very much sponge like in quality and density

    2.Basal bone

This is that part of bone which is present beyond the tooth root.
This bone is good in quality and high in density
This bone is resistant to resorption.
This bone is resistant and immune to injection and gum diseases
BASAL IMPLANTS take support from this part of the bone

The following patient report is that of failed root canal treated molar , removed and replaced with TWO BASAL DENTAL IMPLANTS
This is the pre -treatment xray showing left lower molar which was failed after decay and root canal treatment.
After removal, two BCS implants were placed in immediately in the fresh extraction sockets...and a acrylic fixed on 2nd day itself.


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