Friday, 13 May 2016

Full mouth titanium dental implants cost in India

This is The pre treatment dental X-ray of a woman 66years of age Suffering with COMPLETE DENTURES for more than 15 years.
She was REFUSED DENTAL IMPLANTS by many dental centre citing POOR BONE QUALITY as the reason.
Though conventional two piece -rough surface implants difficult to implant in this situation ...advanced polished surface BASAL IMPLANTS can be placed quite comfortably in this kind of poor quality bone conditions.

Treatment done
1.computerised local anaesthesia to numb the jaws
2.Flapless placement of 10/8 basal dental implants in upper and lower jaw
3.Hybrid fixed teeth(metal frame and acrylic teeth )was fixed on 3rd day
Hybrids bridge was choosen ,because of the following reason
The space for teeth was quite large which makes construction of ceramic or zirconium bridges difficult and the weight of the prosthesis quite more.Hybrid fixed teeth has less weight in this situation and it is better choice .

Pre treatment opg

                                                           Postoperative opg

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