Thursday, 12 May 2016

Angled/Tilted Basal implants for full jaw teeth rehabilitation

This pre operative X-ray ..patient aged 44. Years with multiple failed root canal treated teeth and mutiliated failing dentition.And also with lot of remaining root stumps ..
This patient came from Singapore for a family function and he needed a complete solution in 2 days..
Our treatment plan
1.Total extraction of all decayed teeth and failed root canal teeth under local anaesthesia
2.Placement of 10 basal implants in upper jaw and 7 in lower jaw
3.Angled and tilted basal implants in both upper and lower jaws for better distribution of forces and increased success
4.Fixed teeth delivery on 2nd day itself that the patient can attend the family function with Full smile and Confidence.
It was a wonderful moment for us ,when patient smiled after getting the fixed beautiful teeth!!!

                                         Pre operative X-ray

Postoperative X-ray

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