Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dental implants-Medical tourism for a patient from AUSTRALIA

Chennai is the HUB of medical and dental tourism in india.The rise of the number of dental tourists from Australia ,U.K., USA AND UAE is due to following reasons

1.Cost effectiveness
The medical and dental treatment cost in chennai are one tenth of that in other countries

2.Increased standard to match the international standards and compliances.

3.High professional skill and expertise

4.Increased comfort and ease of travelling

5.Reduced language barrier

This patient came from Australia to tour the finest and traditional temples in south the same time to get the dental work done in chennai.He choose our center,BEST LASER DENTAL CLINIC IN CHENNAI.

We did few dental implants and root canals and gave crowns..
the treatment was over in 4 days..and he toured south india for 10 days..before leaving to australia ,he came for a final check up to our center..

To know the treatment plan and quote for you, send your dental xray and you will get a reply in 24 hours

                 Pre treatment xray

                     Post treatment xray..showing 2 dental imlants in upper maxilla and single implant for misisng premoalar in lower jaw..

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