Sunday, 15 May 2016

Best laser dental clinic chennai, tamil nadu

Best laser dental clinic and implant center is located in busy place of chennai, INDIA.
We are specialist in BASAL IMPLANT CENTER..AND we are more experienced in treating

--Severe bone atropic cases
-Severe bone resorption situation,(no bone grating and no sinus lift)
-Patients for whom dental implants are refused by other dental centers
-Treatment for full mouth mouth, where zygomatic implants are suggested by other dental centers
-Hopeless boneless, less bone situations
we successfully treat this kind of conditions..with high success

This xray shows single anterior incisor replaced by BASAL DENTAL IMPLANT.
.The same patient was refused dental implant citing less bone as the reason.
However we replaced the front incisor with basal dental screw implant, without any bone grafting procedures.
Kindly send your xray to us to get a second opinion and quote from us..

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