Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dental implants for patients with diabetes, with predicatable success

    The days, when the diabetic patients are refused dental implant treatment are over.
The days, when the diabetic patients are scared about the complication of dental implant treatment are over,Thanks to the advent of new generation of implant  system called BASAL IMPLANT SYSTEM,
Due to their unique SMOOTH surface technology, they have the same success and prognosis comparted to regualar patients and diabetics.
The post operative healing will be uneventful with no complications.The prognosis is also very good , with less maintenance.
In our center ,we treat mostly patients with diabetics.Because only in diabetics , the need for fixed teeth is more important for proper chewing and digestion,to maintain proper nutrition.                        

        Diabetic (controlled)  Patient came with the complaint of severe generalized tartar and shaking teeth .  

                                                  Patient also complains of bad breath and difficulty in chewing because                of mobile teeth  

                             Patient also had multiple missing  teeth and large gaps b/w all the  teeth

All the weak teeth were removed and single piece dental implants were placed   

Next day after treatment shows good healing

Permanent teeth fixing done in 4 days  

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