Thursday, 19 January 2017

Full mouth restoration by immediate loading basal implant with provisional bridge within 2 days

A  58 years old male patient came to our clinic with complaints of difficulty in chewing and speech due to loose fitting removable denture in upper and lower jaw .He wants permanent solution for replacement in upper and lower jaw.We suggested full mouth replacement by basal implant with provisional bridge.Advised permanent bridge after 6 months .

                                         Preoperative frontal view with removable denture

                                     Upper occlusal view showing denture covering the palate

                                                    Preoperative lower occlusal view

                                                         Preoperative esthetic smile

                                              Healing  of  basal implants in frontal view

                                           Healing of implant on 2nd day in upper jaw

                                               Healing of implant on 2nd day in lower jaw

                                            Provisional prosthesis fixed on 2nd day itself

                                                               Post operative smile!!!

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