Wednesday, 24 August 2016


                BASAL  IMPLANTS  REVIEW  FOR  FULL             

                          MOUTH  REHABILITATION

  Hello.. My name is Muhammed Alamoudi.. I am from Saudi Arabia.

I came to the Best Laser Dental Clinic in Chennai. I got ....... from one of my friend who has implanted his teeth in the same clinic. 
      Really I was surprised with the kind welcoming of....... team they were in this clinic. Especially Dr. Arifa.She was kind with us in communicating and she was so patient answering our questions.
I did’nt expect this will be so easy.

       I was using before the removable denture.. It was terrible... And I was not satisfied with this for four years or five years. So I came to Dr. Murugavel with my friend... and I start within 1 week it was done smoothly and with no pain and I am right now I am having a teeth

       I can eat with... People are very kind in the clinic and they are welcome all the patient and they have very sweet in dealing with the patient... Huhh.. 
      I would like to thank all the team with Dr. Murugavel for their kindness for their helping  us eventhough with the Hotel, the taxi.. Whatever we can need,
they are helping us. Huh...

I will give you a smile.. Thank you. Bye.

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