Friday, 13 May 2016

Lower molar tooth implant replacement method/price in India

This pre op X-ray shows a Failed root canal treated lower first molar tooth on right side.The tooth got fractured and gave severe pain to the patient .
Removal of a single molar and immediate replacement of  tooth by dental implants is possible thanks to advances in dental implantology .
Two options available are
      1.Conventional implant placement and waiting for 3 months before new tooth
      2.Conventional implant and immediate tooth fixing ,if bone quality is good
       3. Basal implant placement and immediate tooth fixing ,irrespective of the bone quality
The failed root canal tooth molar was removed and 2 bicortical implants placed on the same day
Provisional tooth fixed on 3rd day
         Pre treatment X-ray

             Postoperative X-ray showing 2 basal dental implants.

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