Monday, 16 May 2016

Dental basal implants for lower front teeth replacement in INDIA-medical dental tourism

Medical/Dental implant tourism for a patient from SINGAPORE IN CHENNAI
Replacing multiple lower front teeth is the most common dental implant procedure performed in implant dentsitry..
Dental implants in this lower front area are usually with high success rate beacuse of GOOD BONE QUALITY in this region

This patient of age 55 years came from Singapore with SHAKY FRONT TOOTH IN LOWER JAW..
The treatment plan was..
    - extraction of front mobile teeth
    -Placement of basal dental implants on the same visit
   -Fixed teeth delivery in single day...
Dental implantology is made SIMPLER AND SAFER by the introduction of BASAL DENTAL IMPLANTS...
Send your xray and get plan and quote in 24 hours...

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