Thursday, 12 May 2016

Bilateral pterygoid implants done in atrophic maxilla in india

                     FULL  MOUTH REHABILITATION

 The patient came to our clinic with complaints of missing teeth for the past 20 years.He was advised to do bone grafting with implants in many places.

                                                 PRE  OPERATIVE  X-RAYS

      This x-rays shows 

       Failed two piece implants and

      Atrophic mandible and maxilla with severe bone resorption.

       Failed tooth supported bridge in lower jaw .

       Atrophic maxilla with sinus drift.

                                                    POST OPERATIVE OPG

                            INDIRECT  SINUS  LIFT  AND  WITHOUT  BONE  GRAFTING  

                                                   PTERYGOID    IMPLANTS   DONE

        This x-rays show Bilateral pterygoid implants placed in upper jaw without bone grafting.

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