Monday, 16 May 2016

Angled single piece dental implants for full mouth reconstruction in INDIA

Basal single piece dental implants are used for decades for FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION...
There are various developments in the designs of basal implants over the course of years.
Various brands has come out in the past decade leading to improvements and refinements in the technology of basal dental implants.

Basal implants can be ANGLED,,,,which comes as a great advantage in full mouth dental rehabilitation.
ANGLED DENTAL IMPLANTS helps to distribute the chewing forces in a favourable was..especially those that are placed near the naso maxillary buttress region.

This patient with SEVERE PERIODONTAL DISEASE,,came from UAE,ABUDHABI...required full arch dental implants and fixed teeth.

All on 8 concept was used and fixed acrylic bridge was cemented on the 3 rd day.
The acrylic bridge can be converted to zirconium bridge during 6 to 18 month time period.
They  offer great advantage over all on 4 or zygoma terms of safety , simplicity and longevity..

                               Pre treatment opg

                            POST IMPLANT XRAY

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