Friday, 23 May 2014

Zirconium bridge for lower molars with dental implants

Patient  complains of   difficulty  in  chewing  food  due  to multiple  missing  back  teeth  and wants to get them replaced  immediately  . Patient also feels her  cheeks shrink inside , giving  an older appearance to her face . occasionally , she also experiences difficulty in speech . 

Clinical  view  of  the  right  side  missing  posterior  teeth region 

3  Single piece  immediate  loading   KOS  implants  were placed  by  flapless  approach  within 10 minutes  .

                   Occlusal  view  of  the  KOS  implants 

                        Lingual  view  of  the  kos  implants 

Permanent  and   aesthetic  zirconium  crowns  were  given  in 4 days  and the  patient  was  back to  chewing  food  normally  once  again 

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