Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dental treatment charges for tooth decay in CHENNAI

Patient came with complaint of a total inability to chew food due to gross decay involving almost  all her teeth

                      Right side view of the patient`s mouth

            Left side view shows multiple missing molar teeth

Mirror view of the patient`s left upper jaw shows multiple decayed teeth .

      Right side mirror view of the patient`s upper jaw

Grossly decayed teeth were removed and single piece immediate loading BCS implants were placed . Rootcanal treatment was performed for teeth which could be saved and permanent core build up was done

Likewise , those teeth which could not be saved were extracted & single piece BCS implants were placed in the lower arch . Rootcanal treatment was done for rest of the natural teeth  .

Clinical view after implant placement and tooth preparation

Clinical view after placement of PFM crowns . Patient`s VD has been established to normal

A complete makeover of the patient`s dentition . The smile looks pleasing and patient`s oral function has been restored to make her enjoy food once more

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