Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Single tooth implant cost/price in INDIA

    Patient  came to our clinic with the chief  complaint   of  difficulty in chewing  food on the  right lower back tooth region . On examination , patient`s lower right 1 st molar was missing . patient gives a history of extraction of the tooth 8 years back and failed to replace it immediately .

Patient postponed replacement replacement mainly because of fear of dental treatment and injections.
That is why we are using computerised injection system-STA-WAND machine to achieve local anaesthesia, which is 100% absolutely painless.
The implant procedure was finished in 5 minutes, and the crown was cemented on 3 rd day.

Occlusal View of  the missing 1st molar tooth 

Single Piece immediate loading KOS  implant placed  

Permanent  and aesthetic PFM crown given in 3 days  restored patient`s ability to chew on his right side and eat again well . 

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