Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Missing back teeth replacement in india

Patient came with the complain of  missing lower front and back teeth  and had difficulty in chewing food .
Patient was having severe digestion problem in stomach, with low haemoglogbin levels- severe anemia.Which was due to problems in chewing food , due to lack of back molars.
Patient was trying to wear a removable partial denture, but it was not comfortable and very loose in the mouth.So patient desperately wanted to have fixed teeth option.
We advised implant supported fixed teeth , for better improvement in masticatory chewing function and better comfort and better natural feel.

                        Picture showing missing several molar and canine teeth..

Patient also had missing right upper back teeth 

Flapless dental implants placed -swiss brand -IDHE was used..

                                    Good  healing seen immediately one day after the procedure

Provisional acrylic crown fixing done in  72 hrs 

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